Acti 5mp
  • Hi,

    I've an ACTI 5mp pan tilt installed. I can view the camera for a period, before Securityspy no longer display an image. If I turn the camera off and on again, the image is back, and then the whole process is repeated. This only applies for viewing it remotely, when on site this does not happen. When viewing thru the web server, the image is displayed. Any insights?
  • Please can you clarify the situation - is SecuritySpy connection to the camera over the internet?

    What Format settings are you using in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy?

    Is your camera running the latest firmware version? Updating camera firmware often fixes such problems.
  • The connection is local, i'm using jpeg http (it's the only one that works) input 2. As per the firmware, I've updated it 3 months ago. To clarify it further, when I use SecuritySpy on site, all is ok, but when remotely accessing, via SecuritySpy, the problem occurs.
  • It's possible that the camera is having trouble sending data over the internet, where the bandwidth of the connection is going to be lower than the bandwidth of the video stream that the camera is trying to produce. I'm assuming you have a Mac running SecuritySpy on-site permanently? In this case I'd recommend simply using a web browser to connect to SecuritySpy when you want to connect over the internet to view the camera. Do you think this would be a solution for you?

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