Dlink DCS-932L
  • I have a Dlink DCS-932L set in 640x480 mode. It shows that the video is in 640x480 mode when viewing with Blue Iris and the Dlink app but on Remote Patrol, it shows 320x240. I know Ben Software did not make Remote Patrol but just wondering if anyone else has this problem. In SecuritySpy, the res settings are greyed out so I can't specify 640x480 there.
  • SecuritySpy will accept whatever resolution is being sent by the camera. Right-click on the video image in SecuritySpy and then choose "Save As JPEG" and save the image. Opening it in Preview should reveal the resolution - and this is the resolution at which video files will be recorded by SecuritySpy.

    Web clients have the ability to request a lower-resolution stream, to save network bandwidth, and this may well be what Remote Patrol is doing, to provide a better-performing stream over the internet.

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