Lag when monitor is disconnected
  • Hi

    I have a new Mac Mini that I use for a server. It has no monitor and I use remote screen sharing programs to view and control it. When I am using a Screen Sharing program everything is fine. But when I'm not and the Mac Mini is not displaying anything SecuritySpy starts to lag baddy.

    But this only happens when my Mac Mini has no display/monitor as soon as I can see the screen (Using screen sharing) everything returns to normal.

    I can tell something is not right as when I view the camera from the browser with the display off the camera is very jerky and the ptz takes over 5 seconds to respond instead of instantly (like it does with the display on).

    I don't know what to do, any help would be great. Thank You.
  • Hi,

    Try closing all of SecuritySpy's windows when you finish your Screen Sharing session - does that resolve the problem?
  • Hi Ben

    I've giving it a try and yes it runs a lot better.
    Thank You :)
  • Great! Hopefully this is a good solution for you. Normally SecuritySpy's video display is accelerated by the video hardware of the computer so it uses virtually no CPU time, however in this particular situation something must be going wrong with the display causing it to use lots of CPU time for some reason. I'm not sure if I can get SecuritySpy to detect this situation and stop displaying video, but I'll look into it.
  • I kind of see a similar situation. I have a D-Link DCS6620 on my Mac mini, but the mini has no display attached. From a second Mac running the view-only mode of a second copy of SS, I get 2FPS on that camera. The moment I connect to the Mac mini using screen sharing, that view-only second Mac sees the D-Link at 4FPS. Disconnect screen sharing, and I'm back to 2FPS as indicated in SS.

    I see the same thing on my iPhone viewing my Mac mini, watching that D-Link through SS using LiveCams Pro. It's visibly 2FPS (easy to count) when the Mac mini is running on its own with no display, but the moment I connect to the mini using screen sharing, BAM, 4FPS in the iPhone app. Disconnect and I'm back to 2FPS.

    This is all on my local LAN - not remote.

    I don't know that the logs will show anything useful, but I can try whatever troubleshooting you think would be helpful or give Ben remote access as needed for testing.

    Yes, I do have all the camera windows closed on the screen of the Mac mini. The only thing that is showing is the camera status small window, and no other apps are running or windows showing on the mini (oops, forgot, Activity Monitor is running so I can see the CPU activity).

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