Potential minor bugs in SS 3.1 and RP 2.0
  • A friend has a small SS system in a retail store. I had her update to RP 2.0 on her iPhone, but at the time, she was still on SS 3.0.4. A weird thing happened... whenever she would attempt to view a camera in RP that had motion sensing turned on in SS 3.0.4, the motion sensing would actually be triggered and she would get emails (we had those turned on). We looked remotely, and there was no motion on the recordings or live.

    In a few minutes, we would try again - use RP2 to view a SS 3.0.x system - BOOM - motion sensing would trigger, a MD recording would be made, and an email would be fired off from the actions page of the camera.

    I can't further reproduce it, because I have already updated her Mac mini to SS3.1 now, but the only thing I can think of is RP2 was triggering that motion via some HTML command to the SS web server. I could try to take a look at her SS logs to see if that shows up.

    Anyways, regarding RP2, if I view a system in RP2 for which I have view only guest privileges (such as the BenSoftware demo system or Highway 64 Liquor, to show someone how it works for example), RP2 fires off a pop-up as it tries to get camera status and other abilities (which it can't do, because the demo/demo user account is effectively read only). The Receive Notifications slider disappears, and the Active/Passive/Unknown buttons are greyed out, for obvious reasons.

    The error popup in RP2 says:

    ERROR: Network Failure Getting Status
    Street 3
    The operation couldn't be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error - 1012.)

    I understand completely why it's occurring, but maybe RP2 and SS3.1 could work together to exchange the proper handshake if the account login being used to access the SS server has less than full privileges, and gracefully back down to a view only status. This might be true if a non-administrative person in a business running SS needed to have remote view access only but not access recordings, PTZ, setting camera status, etc.

    Just an idea.

  • Another very minor nit about RP2 is that the Captured Files screen file listing does not indicate which recordings are TL vs. MD. I can usually tell by the file size that it shows (MDs on my system are typically very short/small compared to the longer TLs), but it would be nice for those to be colored or marked in some clear way which is time lapse and which is motion.


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