FTP Site Suggestions - Files Viewable on iPad
  • Anyone have a suggestion for an FTP site that would allow me to view uploaded motion capture MOV's on an iPad?
  • This should be possible with most FTP accounts that are linked to web space. If you have SecuritySpy uploading files to a particular directory on the FTP server, you will normally be able to navigate to the same directory on the associated web site, and get a directory listing that will show all the files.

    However, it's better if you set up remote monitoring in SecuritySpy, and use your iPad to connect to SecuritySpy directly, either using Safari or the Remote Patrol app.
  • Thanks, Ben. SecuritySpy web server works great. I overlooked the fact that the only reason I use an FTP site is to upload motion capture off-premises is for that moment that hopefully never arrives, and that under normal circumstances I'm just checking out activity outside our home.

    Your response also alerted me to the Remote Patrol app, which in turn opened up a window to additional Mac based home automation/security applications.


    Craig in Rockton, IL
  • Although this isn't FTP, I've been experimenting with directing a specific camera (for testing purposes) to save its captured recordings and still images in a folder within my box.com synced folders. That way as things are saved locally to the Mac's hard drive, that folder is automatically getting sent to the "cloud" using Box Sync on the Mac. From that point, I can see the files from an iPhone or iPad (or on the web etc) from anywhere.

    I chose to test with Box.com because I got in a long time ago on a free 50GB account there. The main thing I am testing at the moment is how often box.com attempts to write as a *.unf file is still recording. Technically the file is constantly changing, so Box would be attempting to sync it at every change - a potentially problematic thing for bandwidth etc.

    My other solution might end up being a folder-watch cron job to sense the completed capture file in the SS default location changing from *.unf to *.mov, and then having it moved as a completed recording to the box.com folder for syncing. The same could of course work for Dropbox if you had the space.

    I'll update this thread if I come up with a workable solution.
  • That's an interesting solution. I've heard users using dropbox in a similar way. The problem with the unfinished files needs to be looked at though. I would have thought that the box.com or dropbox software would be intelligent enough to ignore files that are currently open in other applications (such as the unfinished files), but this isn't necessarily the case. Is there a way with box.com to specifically tell it to ignore files with the unf extension?
  • I happened upon this software and I am ultra happy with it's operation so far. As soon as I can set up a pay pal account I will purchase it. Only one thing so far seems to be a stumbling block for me, that is the requirement to record alarms to an FTP site. Is there any easy way to record alarms (video) to local drives? I don't need to view files remotely, just see the cause of alarms that happened the previous night (coyote, raccoon, deer, etc.). I am fairly familiar with computer operation, but have no programing skills.
  • Hi Carl - you don't need to use FTP at all, it's not a requirement. By default SecuritySpy will capture video to your local hard drive when motion is detected.

    FTP is simply for keeping an off-site backup of captured video, in case the local computer/storage is stolen or damaged.

    Also, you don't need a PayPal account to purchase SecuritySpy. We do use PayPal to take US Dollar payments (and Nochex to take British Pound payments), but in either case you can use a credit card directly without setting up any kind of account.

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