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  • Hello all, and thanks to Ben for setting up the forum.

    I'd like to share my preferences for remote viewing apps. First, of course, the web interface is quick and handy, and I'll frequently use that if I'm demoing SS features since most of them are visible there through the various settings panes.

    Next, I'll occasionally use Remote Patrol (or the HD version), since it quickly allows me to set the active/passive status of a camera. The ability to see prior recordings is not as quick and convenient as the web interface above, but it does work.

    My favorite however is LiveCams Pro (either on iPhone or iPad). Launch the app and BOOM, your default selected group of cameras are instantly viewable. If you want to set different groups of cameras and toggle between them with a couple clicks, no problem. PT (and Z for supported cams) is right there and easy to use, along with setting and accessing preset positions.

    I am mostly viewing my cams as streamed out of SS, that way I can see time/date stamps as I've set them in SS (the ticking time helps in verifying the frame rate for what would otherwise be a static shot, such as interiors). I do have a few Foscams for which I've set up port forwarding in my Apple Time Capsule, and for those cameras I'm still using SS's ddns host name plus the specific camera port number I have forwarded. This way I can view them directly to listen to the Foscam 8910 camera audio that won't forward through SS.

    I've tried most of the other SS compatible iOS viewing apps, but these are the two that are effective and easy to use.

    Hope that helps!
  • Oh, one more comment. I have a few multi-camera systems that I have set up for people and that I help maintain, so I developed a custom Bento database to keep track of necessary details such as system, camera brand/model, server IP addresses and port numbers, SS camera numbers, and camera IPs and ports.

    Bento on iOS also has a semi-relational capability of pulling in a field from another Bento database, so I can easily keep track of multiple logins per system in a second linked Bento database and what cameras are permitted for those logins.

    A plain text note would probably do just as well, but Bento keeps it more organized.
  • Hi Turbo and thank you for sharing your experiences. Remote Patrol is the app we recommend, as we have thoroughly tested it and are continually working together with the developer to improve it (I believe some updates are on the way). But it's good to hear that you've had good experiences with LiveCams Pro too, it's great that customers have a choice in high-quality iOS apps for SecuritySpy!
  • I've tried both (Remote Patrol HD and LiveCams Pro) and unfortunately Remote Patrol just won't see my network cameras... LiveCams does it no problem. Could anyone help?
  • Can you verify whether remote patrol works in IOS6? There have been quite a few reports of it not working on the app store.
  • double post sorry
  • I use Remote Patrol in iOS 6 without problem - it may be best for you to contact the developer directly if you are experiencing any difficulties.
  • After reading this thread, I bought the LiveCams Pro app in the hope that I can use it with SecuritySpy to view my cameras and spare some money over the Remote Patrol in the process. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work over https, at least I did not manage to make it work. I use the SS Web Server with the setup described in Bens blog ( with a rewrite through Apache. I am using a self-signed certificate. Using the app over the Internet via unencrypted channels is a no-go in my case. Am I missing something, or do you use standard http?

    On the other hand, does anyone know if Remote Patrol works over https? so that I don't throw again my money on a useless app.
  • I am the author of Remote Patrol and Remote Patrol HD.

    The current Remote Patrol works with iOS 6 just fine. In fact the new version, which will be released as a free upgrade in the near future, will require iOS 6.

    lix: Remote Patrol will work with https for live viewing of live cameras, even with a self-signed certificate. Unfortunately it will not work to view previously captured footage using a self-signed certificate. This appears to be an issue inside iOS. It will work for both if you have a certificate from an authority instead of a self-signed certificate.

    anatoll: I see no reason why Remote Patrol would not work on your network. If you would please contact me directly I'm sure we can work out what ever configuration issue is giving you trouble.

    Turbo: I would be interested in knowing what it is you specifically didn't like about Remote Patrol. I work very hard to make it the best companion App to SecuritySpy on the market and would love constructive feedback so I can continue to improve it. All the features you list are built into Remote Patrol and Remote Patrol HD along with more, such as viewing history (previously recorded images and movies) and SSL support. In Remote Patrol HD you can create as many combinations of cameras from as many server as you wish, save the layout and switch between them in 2 taps (1 tap is the side list of views is already open).

    Thank you all for your purchase and support of Remote Patrol.

  • Thanks Rob for the clarifications. Regarding the inability to view captured material, this applies also when connecting to the SS Webserver from an iPad, no matter if over http or https. I suspect it's a problem of video format. I can't see why should iOS be responsible for the certificate issue, if a connection is made, then it doesn't matter what flows though (I am also a programmer).
  • Hi lix,

    In my tests SSL works fine for live views, but I get the error below when trying to view captured footage: "The certificate for this server is invalid"

    Remote Patrol[8219:907] Did finish with error: Error Domain=MediaPlayerErrorDomain Code=-1202 "The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “” which could put your confidential information at risk." UserInfo=0x20a5a370 {NSLocalizedDescription=The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “” which could put your confidential information at risk.}

    I never found a solution other than some people on Stack Overflow saying it was likely something inside iOS.

    I tested with a user who had a certificate that was not self-signed and everything worked fine.

  • Hi everyone,

    A new release of Remote Patrol (2.0) for iPhone with Apple Push Notifications is rolling out to the App Store today ! It's a free upgrade, check it out. It's a major upgrade with a new UI and more. Check out the latest at or iTunes App Store.

  • Rob,

    I updated to RP 2.0 today along with SS 3.1, and most of my concerns about RP have been addressed with this update. I do like the Push Notifications! Well done. I may have some feedback after I experiment a bit.

  • Just downloaded the new version of RP. Works fine. One thing I dont like at all. And thats the changed UI without the simple text list you could access by tapping the i button. The lists that I have found now is all with video info, this makes the app slow to access if you now which camera you want to access or if you want to switch fast between a couple of them. So please bring back the old simple text based list, at least as an option to choose. This list made everything simple and fast.

    Even the new long list is to slow. The old version when you swiped between pages is superior to this when you have a lot of cams. So please bring this back to as an option. Fast please. :)

    I have a lot of cameras on my two servers, this makes the graphical lists to long. (1 server with 24 cams and the other with 13 cams) I really need the short, fast and simple text based list as it used to be.

    I have the Ipad version as well, never ever use it because of the GUI. Always use the iphone version, even on my ipad.

  • Not sure if this is the right place for a feature request or how hard it would be to implement but it would be nice to be able to change the alert tone for remote patrol notifications on the ios version

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