Q-See QTN8018D settings
  • I have the latest version of SecuritySpy installed which supports the Q-See QTN8018D. When adding the camera I get unrecognized request error. Device is set as Q-See and I have left the http and rtsp ports blank. IP, username and password are all correct as I can log into the camera from a browser.
  • Hi - to use this camera in SecuritySpy, please use the "ONVIF" device type.

    Let us know if you have any further problems.
  • Thanks, setting device type to ONVIF worked.
  • One more question, are the ptz controls supported? I tried but they aren't working for me. Thanks again!
  • The Q-See QTN8018D does not have motorised pan, tilt or zoom features - it's a fixed camera. This is why you don't see the PTZ controls available in SecuritySpy.

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