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  • Hello: Can I suggest you prominently position a link to your list of favourite cameras? I know it's been mentioned in forums at various times - but I can't find any link anywhere! Maybe it is prominently positioned and I'm just too dense to find it.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Wayne, I think you are referring to our 10 recommended cameras blog post. It's linked to from the SecuritySpy help page. Sorry if you had trouble finding it!

    We're planning to update this soon with some newer models, but the advice is still good. If you let us know your requirements here I can make a few suggestions too.
  • Thanks, Ben. I'm looking for 3 indoor cameras and wonder if your number 1 recommendation, Dahua Technology IPC-HFW2100, remains #1.

    When building a system it helps to anchor on one main component. For me, that's Security Spy - the choice of camera is subordinate. So, your recommended cameras narrows the list of cameras to consider - and that makes the decision process a lot easier.

    Please let me know if you have other recommendations.

    Thanks again, Ben.

  • Hi Wayne,

    Yes, the IPC-HFW2100 is very good. Or, for not much more money, you could go for the IPC-HFW3200S instead, which has a higher resolution. By the way, the list isn't ranked in order of favourites; it's just a bunch of good cameras for different situations.

    However these are designed as outdoor cameras. While it's no problem to use the indoors, other options may be better, for example cameras that you recess into ceilings, or cameras with more compact form factors, or ones without Infra Red if you don't need this. For example the Dahua IPC-HDB4200F-PT or IPC-HFW4200E, or Vivotek IP8152.

    One other reason why the IPC-HFW2100 may be slightly awkward to install indoors is that the cable goes through the middle of the mounting plate that gets screwed into the wall, because when you are installing outdoors you would have a hole through the wall for the cable to go through to the switch indoors. The wiring situation may be different when installing indoors.

    Hope this helps.

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