feature request?
  • There might already be a way of doing this... if not please consider this a feature request. :) Here is what I would like to do.

    Can I have security spy to always record video upon motion detection.. but NOT send an alert except during specific hours? I would like to be alerted during the day but just have cameras record other times of the day. Possible?
  • Sorry but this functionality is not currently built into the software: all actions and recording takes place whenever the camera is in Active mode.

    There are however a couple of workarounds that achieve what you want, as outlined in the FAQ How can I schedule different capture options at different times?
  • I'll vouch for the "two instances of a particular camera" in the Video Device settings. I use that for two of my systems so I can use Schedules right in SecuritySpy. Those schedules turn on or off my Day or Night instance of each camera so I can have different capture frame rates, durations, alerts, etc.

    Having more than one instance of a particular camera does not increase your allotted camera license spots... all instances of the same IP address and identical camera login is counted as only one used license allocation.

    The only potential downside to this method is having more than one concurrent stream from a camera, if that will affect your frame rate or network bandwidth.
  • Thanks for taking the time to add your experiences Turbo.

    I can confirm that adding a second instance of the same camera in SecuritySpy does not use a camera "slot" in your SecuritySpy license, and it does not result in two streams being requested from the camera: SecuritySpy will detect that they are the same and will share one incoming stream from the camera between the two instances.
  • Thanks everyone... will be trying that out~
  • Ben... regarding sharing the stream between instances... THAT is great news. Will make some setups I have so much easier. Many thanks.

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