Strange Motion Detection with v5.2.5
  • I sent in a support ticket already, but wanted to see if others have been experiencing problems with the motion detection in v5.2.5? Had it tweaked just like I needed in v5.2.4, but SS is now thinking plants (that aren't moving), lights, and furniture are motion, and only at night. I don't know if I said that in my support ticket. I have it set for the defaults currently and even captured some screen shots of the red motion boxes/highlighting to show.

    The only way I noticed, is that I've got my Home Asst platform set to turn on lights outside for motion, and they are going on/off constantly. They I had disk space getting consumed at a fast rate.

    Let me know if you guys are seeing anything on your end
  • I can't think of anything significant that changed here between 5.2.4 and 5.2.5, but in order to test this, please grab version 5.2.4 from this link: [SecuritySpy 5.2.4] and run that for a night to see if you see the same thing or not.

    The main issue that can happen at night is noise in the camera image due to inadequate light or low compression quality settings in the camera, so these are two things to check. If you haven't already sent the screenshots you took to us, please send them via email to your existing support ticket so that we can check for this.

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