No iOS notification
  • I added two new cameras recently. Both are online. Both show in desktop and iOS.

    Neither gives me iPS notifications.

    Actions are enabled for both cameras. I also have them both set to “come to the front”, which works on macOS, so I know it’s detecting motion.

    They both record motion events fine.

    I just don’t get notifications for either of them.

    What should I be looking at?
  • I’m stupid.

    I forgot there’s an “enable notifications” option under the cog icon when viewing the camera in iOS.
  • Great to hear it was just something simple. Notifications need to be enabled from the iOS app side so that it can pass the device ID to SecuritySpy, which then needs to be sent to Apple's notification servers when generating notifications.

    For anyone else reading this who may have problems with notifications, this FAQ covers the main troubleshooting steps: I'm not getting iOS notifications - how can I troubleshoot this?

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