Just bought the UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell.
  • I really have been waiting for something that can do RTSP as Ring, while it works, also ties me into their ecosystem. The doorbell was in stock today, so I grabbed one.

    Anyone using it here? Thinking it'll work, but maybe I bought a $200 paperweight?
  • I just bought one today too. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work. But you need to set it up with the UniFi Protect software first to be able to enable RTSP.
  • Cool, keep me posted. I'm not sure how fast I'll be rushing to get it installed. I need to think about notifications and some other "Ring-like" features. Might have to do some Control4 work on the notification side.
  • This looks like a nice device and should work with SecuritySpy. When you set it up, there should be an option to set its mode to "UniFi Video" or "Standalone" - it must be set to Standalone in order to work with SecuritySpy.

    Then use SecuritySpy's "Ubiquiti UniFi" profile under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device when adding the camera.

    Please both report back once you have had a chance to test this.
  • Ben.. I’d imagine this would work with SS even if it wasn’t in Stand Alone mode just by adding it’s RTSP stream from the unifi protect server, wouldn’t you think? That’s how I do it with my existing unifi cameras.. I hope it can anyway cos when these bad boys are available in Europe I’m getting one and I need it in Unifi Protect to work with HomeBridge!
  • Hi @durosity, yes as far as I know you are correct. In UniFi Video mode, you can't stream to SecuritySpy directly from the camera, but you can stream from the NVR.
  • So I got the doorbell up and running, it's currently being managed within Unifi Protect for the two way communication and notifications.

    There is a RTSP stream option, but I can't seem to get it to work in SS. In the comments above, not sure if it's possible or not?
  • @eribble, forum contributor @spiv had outlined how to access UniFi Protect managed cameras from SecuritySpy. This method is working flawlessly with twelve UniFi cameras in a single installation, completely functional in Protect and SS simultaneously. As Spiv observed, a key takeaway is that the IP address you enter in SecuritySpy will be the address of your Unifi Protect server (CloudKey Gen2 Plus or UNVR box), NOT the cameras themselves.

  • Yes! Got it. Awesome and thanks!
  • Great! Once you get some experience with the Protect Doorbell, please come back here to tell us how you like it and how well it works in Protect.
  • I've had it up for a week or so. I have to say, it's much better than Ring. The device itself feels like a quality device, it's much heavier than Ring.

    Protect is quite nice and I can see the draw to it. I've found that all notifications and two-way communications via Protect are decent. Notifications and connecting to the device is quicker than Ring. Two-way audio, I'd say it's on par.

    The quality of the video is much better. The only negative is the night IR isn't all that great. There are a few videos of that out there, for me my porch always has lights on, so I never rely on IR for nighttime. Might be a way to improve with firmware.

    Finally, the little LED screen at the bottom. Pretty cool and you can config it to say whatever you want.

    I recommend the product.
  • Same here, I’m in the middle of installing a Ubiquti system in my house and had no intention of getting the Protect setup, but the doorbell is the only one I’ve seen on the market that would fit in the narrow brickmould I have on my front door. Super happy that it can run in parallel with SS.

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