PTZ control "mouse button" seems to "stick"sometimes...
  • Noticed that the PTZ position center button (small disc between direction arrows) doesn't always want to return to center position, which can unintentionally change the PTZ point. Anyone else experienced this? Also, at lest for me, if I accidentally click on the camera image that will sometimes move the camera off the preset (which turns off the Rule for that preset. Can an option be added to turn that off?
  • Do you mean that when you let go of the PTZ "joystick" button, it doesn't always return to the centre? Does this affect subsequent PTZ control?

    In terms of clicking on a camera's image to control PTZ, this only happens when holding down the shift key, or if the caps lock key is enabled. We judged this to be sufficient to prevent accidental usage.
  • HI Ben

    Yes, it doesn't always return to the center, and does result in a slight shift of the PTZ point, which effects "rule" execution in the scene. Don't think I've accidently hit the caps or shift.

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