Any plans to add object ID or alerts on person or vehicle detection?
  • Will the AI eventually support an alert when a person or vehicle is detected. Object ID would be nice, but that would involve quite a bit of CPU use which might tax quite a few processors.
  • +1 for this. It would be really useful to be able to alert on specific types of objects, ANPR would also be a great feature, all items I would be willing to pay for a "Pro" license level on, perhaps per camera or camera pack.

    Currently the only options on the Mac are limited, the current AI in place is really just designed to reduce false positives on motion detection. From what I understand there's potentially a fair bit of power sitting in the ML capabilities baked in to MacOS - it would be great to see those exploited. Currently I'm looking at options to run something in Docker, and forward captured files there, it's just too clunky for my liking though.

    A good example is a product called Camect - I would love to see SS take this type of direction.
  • Camect looks interesting. If I'm reading it right, it combines Storage and Object Recognition (on board processing instead of using the Mac CPU?). I currently use SightHound of the alerts on People and Vehicles, but unlike SS, SH is very poorly supported and updates are very few and far between....:-(
  • Could you please explain more what you mean? Because SecuritySpy's current AI abilities can do exactly that: alert you when a person or vehicle is detected. Do you mean the ability to recognise specific people or vehicles?
  • What I was looking for was the ability to announce either a person or vehicle detection in addition to just doing a Motion Capture. That capability may be right in front of me in the prefs, but like most things, if its right in front of me I won't see it :-).
  • You can engage the AI for Actions but not Motion Capture, and this should achieve what you want, for example:

    - Under Preferences -> Cameras -> Triggers, set all the AI sliders to off, apart from the Human/Actions AI, which you set to 85.

    - Under Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions, specify any actions(s) you want performed when a human is detected. For example, you can enter the following as the shell command in order to get the Mac to speak:

    say "human detected"

    - Save the Preferences and set the Motion Capture and Actions schedule to "Armed 24/7" so they are both armed and waiting for motion.

    Now, when any motion is detected, you will get recording. And, additionally, when this motion is classified by the AI as a human, you Mac will speak the phrase "human detected".

    If you want to use a combination of human and vehicle detection, this is also possible but if you want to distinguish between these triggers in your action (e.g. you want a separate "human detected" and "vehicle detected" alert), you will have to write your own script for this via the "Run script" action (see the user manual via the link above for instructions on how to determine, via the passed-in parameters, what triggered your script).
  • Thanks Ben that ought to work for what I want.
  • A vote for ANPR from me - would be most useful even as a paid add on
  • Did have a thought along these lines on the subject while checking an ROI settings on one of the Dahuas. Just wondering if something like an ROI could be applied to the AI to focus on just one defined fairly small area and save processing on the entire image.

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