Horizontal scrolbar seems to be disappearing on video playback
  • Happened to notice that the horizontal scroll appears briefly when reviewing video, but disappears quickly. Then you can't grab it to scroll with a conventional mouse.
  • If you are viewing in a web browser or in QuickTime Player than this does happen, and I agree it can be quite annoying, but this is beyond SecuritySpy's control - it's up to the player.

    In SecuritySpy's built-in Browser, the timeline is visible at all times, which you can use to scrub backwards/forwards.
  • I do use the Browser, but still the scroll bar appears briefly then disappears. Catalina latest vers. and latest (today) S.S. ver.
  • OK I think I misunderstood that you were talking about the horizontal movie scrubber/timeline control. In terms of the actual scrollbars to scroll around content in a particular view/window, whether these display only while using them, or all the time, is a system-wide option that applies to all applications. To have them display all the time, open System Preferences, select the General option, and under "Show scroll bars", select "Always".
  • Thanks Ben, another foo pah on me :-). Just wasn't making the connection between SS's scroll bars and System wide settings. Times have gotten a little too "interesting"these days...my Train of Thought goes off the tracks much more often ;-).
  • Don't worry, I know the feeling!

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