Saving to local drive and uploading to ftp server
  • If I save to local storage I can specify the number of days to keep. Does this setting also relate to the number of days kept on the remote ftp server or do i need to manage the archiving of these files myself ?
  • Hi Dave, this setting is for local storage only - it's not possible for SecuritySpy to manage the storage on a remote FTP server in this way.

    If you need this, the easiest option is to use Amazon S3 as your cloud storage, as it has its own options to automatically remove old files.
  • I did look at that but it looked rather scary on the cost front.


  • If you feel brave and fancy a DIY option, you can create your own S3 storage using Minio:

    I have this running as a Docker container and expose the storage via a reverse proxy.

    example docker-compose details:

    image: minio/minio:latest
    hostname: minio
    container_name: minio
    restart: always
    - "9007:9000"
    - /data/backups:/data
    - ${USERDIR}/docker/minio/config:/root/.minio
    command: server /data

    (a useful guide to set up a reverse proxy is here:

    You could then script the removal of files using:

    mc rm -r --force --older-than 1d2h30m myminio/mybucket

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