Framerate Bug
  • Ben, when adding all cameras from SecuritySpy Server and adjusting the framerate, connection won't establish.
    If the framerate field is empty, the connection is successful.
    Im not sure which version this issue started in, I am on v5.2.3b14. Same results on b10.
  • Thanks for letting us know about this, it is now fixed in the new b15 beta on the SecuritySpy beta page.
  • That was quick!
  • How can you adjust frame rate on ss? The fields are blocked on my side even in manual profile
  • @divemasterjm - SecuritySpy allows you to set the frame rate under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device only for a few different devices (mainly Axis or another copy of SecuritySpy, but a few others too). Most cameras do not allow the client to set the frame rate when requesting the stream, but instead require you to log on to their web interfaces in order to set the frame rate.

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