Timeout error when trying to connect Gamut IP Nest box camera
  • Hi - I have been using SecuritySpy to monitor and record 2 nest box cameras, these have worked fine for a long time. I have tried to convert the profile to use H.264 as want to reduce the size of the files that are recorded. Since doing this I can't connect the cameras to SS anymore.

    The Autodetect Profile feature doesn't detect any working profiles.
    The camera is a small IP camera to fit in the nest box, all I can see is that it is a "Gamut IP Device"

    Can you advise on how to get this connected, ideally using H.264 - thanks

    I have used VMS software to configure the camera with the following settings ..

    Network - default settings
    TCP Port : 34567
    Http Port : 80
    ONVIF Port : 8899
    RTSP Port : 554

    Main Stream
    Compression : H.264
    Resolution : 720P
    Quality : Best
    FPS : 15
    Stream Control : VBR
    BitRate (Kb/s) : 2030
    i Frame Interval : 2
    Static Encode Config : High

    Extra Stream
    Resolution : D1
    Quality : Best
    FPS : 15
    Stream Control : VBR
    BitRate (Kb/s) : 1269
    i Frame Interval : 2

    In SecuritySpy I have tried a number of different profiles in Cameras -> Device section, with no success.

    Username & password are correct

  • Should have said - I have tried Input / Stream numbers 0 & 1
  • And the video stream is fine when viewing in VMS
  • Without seeing your settings in SecuritySpy it's difficult to tell what's going wrong here, but one clue is that the camera seems to operate on an unusual ONVIF port, so try setting SecuritySpy to use the ONVIF profile, and make sure to enter port 8899 for the ONVIF port setting (leave the RTSP port setting black).

    If you are still having problems with this, please email us and include a screenshot of the camera's setup in SecuritySpy as well as the log file (File menu in SecuritySpy -> Open Log).
  • Thanks Ben, will do
  • The camera is back up and working but with a few things still to sort. For some reason I can only access the second stream from the camera, not the primary higher res stream and the audio has disappeared. I'm going to leave it as is for a couple of weeks as the birds in the nest box are growing fast and will fledge soon - I would not be popular if we missed the next couple of weeks by knocking the camera off air again !

    Will be in touch if I need more help in a couple of weeks - thanks

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