anyone tried Dahua LincX2PRO Series IPC-C26EN ?
  • I need two-way audio, don't care about low-res. My other cams are all Dahua.
  • We haven’t tested this particular model, but it appears that the “LincX2PRO” camera line is designed specifically to work with Dahua NVRs only, and does not support the required industry-standard protocols (ONVIF/RTSP) to allow it to work with third-party NVR software such as SecuritySpy.

    Alternative cameras with a small form factor and two-way audio would be the Hikvision DS-2CD2422FWD-IW, or the Axis M1065-L or M1065LW. These models are all indoor-only however; it’s very unusual to find an outdoor camera with a built-in speaker for two-way audio. For outdoor use, find an Axis, Hikvision or Dahua camera with a built-in microphone, that has two-way audio support shown on its spec sheet (there are many models that fit this description). Then you would need to connect an external speaker to the audio output port of the camera.

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