Full Screen upon Load
  • Didn't there used to be an option in the settings to open on full screen.
    I scheduled my Mac Mini to shut down and power ON at certain times and it would be nice to have it always open in full screen mode.
  • There is no option for this (and never has been), however SecuritySpy will retain this state across restarts, so if it was in full screen mode last time it was quit, it will automatically go back into full screen mode next time it is opened.

    For more control/automation of when SecuritySpy should be in full screen mode, you could use AppleScript. Please let me know if you would like more information about this.
  • Thanks Ben, if you could let me know the AppleScript to use for that please.
  • No problem. The two main AppleScript commands for this are "enter full screen mode" and "exit full screen mode". So, if you want to always start up SecuritySpy upon login in full screen mode, you would do this:

    - Open Script Editor

    - Enter the following line: tell app "SecuritySpy" to enter full screen mode

    - Save this as an Application

    - Open the Users & Groups system preference and click the Login Items tab

    - Remove SecuritySpy from Login Items and add your new script application

    Hope this helps!

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