How to get notification if computer freezes?
  • Anybody have any ideas on how I can get notified if my mac mini freezes?
    Didn't realize I wasn't getting any recordings as my computer had frozen.
  • how about one of these:

    you probably know you will have to have another machine running to tell if your SSpy server machine has locked up. Then that monitoring machine will can ping you.

    You could probably script something up on a Pi or other low cost low power computer.
  • Thanks Casey. You put me on the right track.
    I ended up using to notify me via e-mail that the server is "down".
    I couldn't get it to work until I pointed it at one of the camera URL's rather than the main server URL, but it serves the same purpose regardless.
    I plan on setting up mail rules that will power cycle the computer via IFTTT and a smart plug.
  • Hate to say it, but your Mac should never freeze running just SecuritySpy. Whether the issue is an MacOS and/or hardware problem, the underlying cause of the freezes needs to be corrected.
  • I agree with guykuo. I run my macmini 24/7 with 10hd cameras @15fps with no problems for years.
    Another remedy could be to write a script to reboot your machine after “x” amount of days.

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