Incompatible Dahua H265, Any Improvement with Catalina?
  • As an already known issue, of my older Dahua cameras produce a H265 stream that is not compatible with the Mojave MacOS decoder. Newer Dahua cameras produce a compatible H265 stream (at least in landscape orientation anyways). Those H265 streams are indeed much smaller bitrate for equivalent image quality.

    Before I waste any effort on upgrading my SS machine to Catalina to test, does anyone know if Catalina improves the range of compatible H265 inputs?
  • Unfortunately not - as far as I know, the situation is the same on Catalina. I have reported this issue to Apple a while ago now, but there has been no significant progress unfortunately.
  • Thanks. Saves me doing the experiment. I really hate altering a stable system unless there is a good reason.
  • Hi, this H.265 incompatibility is more likely to be fixed (if at all/ever) in cameras firmware, due to customer pressure/requests (as opposed to in macOS where its likely strictly correct).
    Hence other tested brands H.265 streams/cameras working fine (i.e with H.265, not H.265+ etc, Encoded with "Main" Profile).

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