Distinguish between camera aux input and SSpy motion detection
  • Hi folks, I'm on a roll today!

    How can I have SSpy distinguish between camera AUX input and SSpy's motion detection?

    I am using Axis cams, and on a couple of them have bolted on outboard PIR sensors. This has really helped with false triggering from the Axis side of things.

    To do some testing ( and perhaps fine tuning ) I would like to compare the PIR events from the SSpy motion events.

    Before I get all goofy with duplicate camera definitions and then disabling complementary features I just thought I would check in here.
  • There are two ways to receive this information:

    1. Enable the email Action; the first line of the email tells you what triggered it.

    2. Create an AppleScript, put in the ~/SecuritySpy/Scripts folder to make it available as an Action, and set the camera to invoke this script when triggered. SecuritySpy passes the trigger reason to the script as the third parameter. Here's how to get it:

        on run args
            set cameraNum to item 1 of args
            set cameraName to item 2 of args
            set reason to item 3 of args
        end run

    "reason" will contain one or more of the following, separated by commas:

  • Thanks -
    how about a substitution string for the shell command? I'm pretty sure applescript will melt down under a rapid sequence of calls.

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