Camera that will work with Nest Hub and SecuritySpy?
  • Thinking about adding another camera to our system and looking for one that is compatible with the Google Nest Hub Max. This is the list of cameras that the Nest Hub can display:

    atomi smart
    homee Smart Home
    mydlink Smart
    ioe smart
    iView iHome
    KAFO Smart
    Logi Circle
    Momentum Smart Home
    Panasonic HomeHawk
    Q-See Plus
    Smart K
    Swann Smart Security Camera
    TP-Link Kasa
    Tuya Smart, Smart Life
    Wyze Cam

    Does anybody know off-hand if any of these will work with SecuritySpy?

    Thank you
  • @Ben Any thoughts on the above list? Thanks
  • This is somewhat confusing, because many of those aren't cameras - they are other devices or apps. Where did you get this list? From the cameras, not many will work with SecuritySpy as they are designed for their own software ecosystems and subscriptions.

    For a camera to work with SecuritySpy, it needs to support the industry-standard protocol for video streaming for CCTV cameras, which is RTSP. The better cameras also support ONVIF, which makes setup easier due to automatic device discovery, stream discovery etc. Out of your list, the only camera that seems to have RTSP support is the SpotCam.
  • Thanks @Ben

    Expand the compatible security cameras list from this link:

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