Run shell command ( SSpy 5.2 Mojave )
  • Hi folks.

    in the Preferences->Cameras->Actions pane there is an option to "Run shell script" which is nice ( and new I think. )

    When I use the handy Run button to the left it looks like the process blocks a bit. When I use & to place the script in the background and 'just go' it behaves as I expect - in my case 'say -v deranged "go away!" & runs just fine and the Run button's dialog shows the job exiting even before it's done speaking.

    infact this too works fine:
    say -v yuri "hello from yuri" & say -v zosia "this is zosia" &
    after a run both these fine voices speak simultaneously from the Run button

    In previous versions I had a lot of problems with Applescript voice commands blocking and infact locking up resources. As a result I stepped back from using these options.

    So my question is this - does the Run shell command toss the command into the background, or should I do it myself?
  • The shell command is always executed in the background (via asynchronous NSTask), so this feature should not cause any locking/blocking problems, no matter what shell commands you use.
  • this thing? ( )

    cool, thanks. nice work as always
  • Yes that's the one - it's a way for one program to execute another, and execution happens on a background thread, so it won't block the main thread.

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