Feature Request: iOS app "snooze" for notifications
  • There are occasions where I get a flurry of motion notifications (for example, if we have guests outside for extended periods). Right now I either have to just ignore them, or go in to the specific video feeds in the iOS app and disable the actions (then remember to re-enable them later).

    It would be great if there was a quick option (perhaps even within the notifications themselves) to "snooze" for a standard length of time (e.g., Snooze for 2 hours).

    This would be very convenient! Love the app btw. Thanks for your consideration.
  • Have that on my Ring camera dashboard. Like the feature.
  • In SecuritySpy we call this a "schedule override" (e.g. "disarm camera X for 1 hour"). This is currently available from the macOS and web interfaces, but not from the iOS app as yet; we will be adding it in the near future.
  • Thanks Ben. In the iOS app, I think it'd be important to make this very easy to do globally (i.e., don't make it so you have to go through every live video pane and click a "disarm for 1 hour" button).

    Maybe consider making it a pop-up action from the iOS home screen when press-and-holding on the app? ("Disarm all cameras for 2 hours")
  • I would love to have this feature too

    Due app has a good implementation of this feature that SS could model theirs after

  • Hi @pinkoos thanks for the link, that looks useful but not quite what is being described here. I think the most useful function would be to turn off notifications for a certain time (e.g. 1 hour for all cameras), so that no new notifications are generated in this time, rather than what is described via your link, which is to defer individual notifications so that they will reappear again after an hour.
  • That's true @Ben - I was just using the Due app example as a starting point, but you're absolutely right that I think what we would want is as you described

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