Push Notifications
  • I no longer get push notifications for the SecuritySpy iPhone or iPad apps. Not sure if it is related to the version 5 upgrade or something else. I can run other software on the same Mac and test push notifications successfully. Just SecuritySpy not sending notifications or they are not getting through to the app.
  • There's push notifications for the iPhone app? That's interesting. I guess maybe they never worked for me either. What is supposed to happen? Some notification when there's a motion event?
  • Correct. Notifications were sent when motion occurred and triggers were active for that camera.
  • Please see this FAQ: I'm not getting iOS notifications - how can I troubleshoot this?.

    Please let me know if this doesn't fix it for either of you.
  • Thanks - the FAQ helped. Got notifications working. When notification images are sent, are they secure / encrypted en-route? Are they passing through some other server or is the client (iPhone) retrieving the image directly from my SecuritySpy server via the same SSL authentication configured for web access?
  • Good to hear that. The notification images are obtained by the iOS app from the SecuritySpy server directly, using the same method/authentication as is used when connecting to the server normally for remote access. So if you have enabled SecuritySpy's HTTPS service, and are using this for remote access, then this is what is being used for the notification images.
  • Just to follow up: somehow notifications were disabled for all the cameras in the iOS app. Once I enabled the notifications again it works just fine.
  • Notifications have stopped fro me as well. Running iOS 13.3, the latest software of Security Spy. Tried clearing all IOS notifications, etc. Help?
  • error I am receiving. How to resolve?
    Could not send Apple Push Notification for the camera "Front Entry" ,-25300 Keychain item not found.
  • Updated to latest version. All better now. Sorry.

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