Feature Request: "Like" or "Favorite" or "Save" saved recordings
  • Most of our recordings are uninteresting and we would want those to auto delete as space fills up.

    Then there are recordings where something interesting happened.

    It would be nice to mark certain saved recordings where interesting things happen with a "Favorite" or "Like" (for lack of a better term). Those recordings could be exempt from auto-delete and also have a special place where they could be viewed.

    Many dashcams have this sort of functionality. Thank you for your consideration!
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Currently, you can tag files (Red, Green etc.) in the Browser feature, but this is just for your own reference, and doesn't affect auto-deletion. We'll see if we can come up with a way to easily mark recordings to be exempt from auto-deletion.
  • On the dashcam this feature is usually denoted with a lock or key icon that shows on the recording so "lock" could be another term for this sort of feature
  • Also worth noting - on the dashcams I have, that feature simply marks the file as "Locked" on the filesystem, then the delete routines just ignore locked files.

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