What would cause cameras to go to 'unarmed' by themselves?
  • I checked the log and did not see anything that would cause this.
    Yesterday, one of my two cameras went to unarmed status. This morning, the other one did.
    Any ideas? Would changes in the cameras themselves cause this? (Not through the SS GUI)
  • Hi Mark,

    What schedule have you set the cameras to? If they are set to a custom schedule that you have created, then the cameras will be armed and disarmed based on the schedule you have created under Preferences -> Scheduling.

    Alternatively, the "Armed Sunrise To Sunset" schedule will set the cameras to armed during the day, and unarmed during the night.

    Meanwhile, the "Armed 24/7" schedule should mean that the cameras are armed all the time - the only thing that would then cause them to unarm would be some kind of error, which would then be written to the log.

    Of course, someone manually changing the schedule, either via the software itself, the web interface, or the iOS app would be another way that this could change. Any changes via the cameras' own interfaces would not cause this, unless such changes resulted in a lack of a working video feed being sent to SecuritySpy.

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