• Just found this combined doorbell / door cam with wifi and motion sensing. It's even got an app. Looks good, but not cheap. Wonder if this would work with security spy, maybe even indigo?
  • This does look like a very neat device! I've just emailed the manufacturer to ask for the technical information we need so I'll post back here when I hear back from them.
  • i order one of these to can't wait to get it.
  • I haven't heard back from the manufacturer from my last email to them so I've just sent another one. It looks like it might be a closed system that works only with their apps but there is a chance that they had the foresight to make it more open and able to work with third-party software such as SecuritySpy. If they reply I'll post a message back here.
  • I just heard back from SkyBell - their response is "SkyBell is a closed system so we are not releasing any details about integrations or streaming." Which is a pity as it looks like a nice device otherwise. If you want them to add such features, go ahead and email them to let them know that there is demand from customers.
  • Ben, is it possible the Doorbot people will work with you instead? I have a doorbot installed and it would be terrific if there was security spy integration!
  • Hi mfassett - I've contacted the Doorbot people and will let you know what I hear back!
  • I just got a response from Doorbot regarding third-party compatibility with software such as SecuritySpy and they basically told me "we're working on it", so hopefully they will release an update soon that enables this.
  • Thank you Ben... that would be awesome.
  • Just sent an email to Doorbot as follows:
    To whom,
    I would buy Doorbot today if you offered integration with Bensoft SecuritySpy. Many of us are already deeply invested in Home Automation and would welcome a slick door cam to integrate into our systems, but won't add a closed system device. My SecuritySpy integrates with my Perceptive Automation Indigo home automation and that was the reason I selected it.

    Get with Bensoft & Perceptive - there's a thriving user community that can buy your Doorbot and make amazing things happen.

    And let me know when you do. I'll jump aboard, unless someone else beats you to market!

    Best, Andy
    ------------- Their reply -----
    Hi Andy,

    Thanks so much for contacting us! Although we do not have any immediate plans to release this type of feature, rest assured, we do take all customer suggestions into consideration when creating our product roadmap. We invite you direct your suggestions and feedback to our future request form here:

    Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us again.


    doorbot Support Team
    So I sent the same thing to the "Feature Requests" link. Suggest that others do the same.

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