How launch SecuritySpy while booting, before login screen?
  • Hi, I'm on a trial of SecuritySpy and have a key question. I'm trying to setup on a headless Mac Mini with two iSight external Firewire cameras. I've got that working fine, but need to be able to have SecuritySpy launch automatically on a reboot, before the login screen. That is, runs it for all users. I'm assuming that requires some kind of launch daemon or agent. I assume this can be done, but how? Can someone please explain? Thanks, much appreciated.

    High Sierra
  • Hi Michael,

    SecuritySpy needs to run within a user account. So the best thing to do is to set up a user account to log in automatically, and then have SecuritySpy launch at login. There is more useful info here:

    User Manual - Setting up SecuritySpy for autonomous operation.

    FAQ - Can SecuritySpy run behind the login screen?

    Also note that if you have SecuritySpy (or any other software using the cameras) running in one user account, and then you switch to another user account, the system will block access to USB/FireWire cameras to the background account, for privacy purposes.
  • In addition to adding SecuritySpy to the startup items, I added the screen saver to the startup items, enabled auto login, and set the password required after screen saver to "immediately." This way the system boots, starts securityspy and then locks the screen. It's not the most secure, but it's better than wide open.
  • I also found that locking the screen while fast user switching is enabled will make background apps not work the same way. I recommend using a screen saver, leaving screen lock disabled and turning off fast user switching entirely.
  • Hi Michael, if your running the Mini "Headless" you may also benefit from, or actually need to connect a monitor emulator (e.g to restore/improve performance).
    As covered in SecuritySpys useful F.A.Q, in the section entitled, "Can I run SecuritySpy on a headless Mac?" here:

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