Security spy triggering Indigo responese or home kit response
  • From earlier posts, I understand that uploading video is easier via Security spy's built in uploader (e.g. to a dropbox file) than the homekit cloud (protocalls etc complex and prohibitive at this time for Security spy to upload) but with the enhanced motion detection, I am trying to have camera motion detected by Security Spy turn on lights etc. Now I currently have Security Spy send a video to my phone etc but is there a way for motion detected via Security Spy to trigger a event on Indigo (which I already use) or another platform to turn on a light etc. Currently I use a separate a motion detector connected to the indigo network but it is battery powered and goes limp after a few months. Any suggestions or ideas?
    thanks/ jgaul
  • Have you check out the Cynical Security Spy plugin for Indigo?
  • I have not but will take a look... thanks!
  • If you're advanced, and want something cool to play with:

    This app ties into the securityspy event steam and sends notifications for events. It's far from complete, but if you know Go you could easily extend it to call an indigo API for a motion event from a specific camera. In time I'll be adding more features, and things exactly like this. Good luck!
  • I will check it out - thanks !

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