OSX streaming software for webcam
  • Hi everyone,

    I just joined the site. I have a non-security based project and am looking for a Mac based solution.

    We have a boutique guest house in South Africa which overlooks a lovely valley and the ocean. I would like to stream a high def live cam feed on our website for marketing purposes. I am willing to focus a camera on this view 24/7. I am thinking of using a higher resolution Arecont Vision IP camera for this purpose.

    I don't think RemoteSight is the right software to stream the Arecont IP feed to our website. On the PC side, the software webcamXP would do the trick, but there must be a Mac based solution. Does anyone have an idea?

  • Hi Andreas,

    SecuritySpy will do what you want. However note that there is no one method of embedding the video stream in a web page that will work on all web browsers - here are the main options:

    1. JavaScript JPEG refresh - you embed a single full-size JPEG image into your HTML page and use JavaScript to periodically update the image with a new version. Advantages: works on all browsers. Disadvantages: slow and not particularly efficient.

    2. MJPEG stream - rather than a single still image, you embed into an img tag a "multipart" JPEG stream. Advantages: efficient, smooth video. Disadvantages: high-bandwidth, doesn't work on Internet Explorer.

    3. QuickTime MPEG-4 stream - this uses the QuickTime plugin to display a MPEG-4 stream. Advantages: efficient, low-bandwidth, works on all Mac and Windows web browsers, supports audio. Disadvantages: some client configuration may be required, doesn't work on iOS.

    Option 1 is normally the best as it is so widely compatible. Code to implement the above methods can be found in the SecuritySpy user manual.

    Hope this helps!
  • Dear Ben,

    Thank you!


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