Significantly lower frame rate possible?
  • Hello Ben and crew,

    I've been looking through the documentation tonight but can't find this answer. I'd like to see if there's a way to set a significantly lower frame rate for a particular camera in SS for *viewing* purposes. For recording TL, I know I can set it to grab a frame every __ seconds, but I want to slow down the frame rate for viewing.

    Scenario: I am [temporarily] setting up a Foscam 8910W in a vacant house that's been broken into a lot lately. I'll be borrowing [with permission] the next door neighbor's wifi for this camera as this is the only available internet option there. The neighbor will allow me to access their router so I can configure port forwarding, giving me remote access to the camera from my SS installation at a different location across town.

    I've monitored a camera at a different location before, but it's always trying to grab the highest possible frame rate from the camera for remote viewing. In this case, to be kind to the neighbor's bandwidth, I only really want/need to have SS refresh the view with one frame every few seconds or so. I don't need SS to deal with motion detection, since the 8910W sufficiently handles that through its own firmware, to send email to me when motion is detected [which I have working perfectly via gmail].

    I just want SS to poll the camera at a VERY low low frame rate over the internet for time lapse purposes without pummeling the networks on both ends with an unnecessary 5-10FPS all day stream [for example]. This would even help in Remote Patrol as I only really want to view this [one frame every 3-5 seconds] rate in that app as well, just for this one camera. My other cameras at my home get a great frame rate for real time viewing and I'm very satisfied with the whole SS system overall.

    Is this possible? Thanks.
  • Well, looks like I found a solution [that was quick. haha].

    I changed the device type to Manual [instead of Foscam], then used this command in the Request box:


    It slowed the viewing frame rate enough for it to likely use way less bandwidth, just what I need in this situation.

    Even viewing with Remote Patrol [via my SS server] is a better solution than trying to view the camera directly via its own remote IP address, again - for this situation.

    This is what I found on the internet:
    [from ]

    You can adjust the frame rate of Foscam cameras by adding a parameter to the URL.


    can be a value between 0 and 23, and each value corresponds to:
    1:20 fps
    3:15 fps
    6:10 fps
    11:5 fps
    12:4 fps
    13:3 fps
    14:2 fps
    15:1 fps
    17:1 fp/2s
    19:1 fp/3s
    21:1 fp/4s
    23:1 fp/5s

    So to connect to the camera at 2 fps, you would use http://x.x.x.x/video.cgi?rate=14 … or to connect at 5 fps, you would use http://x.x.x.x/video.cgi?rate=11
  • Hi Turbo, glad to hear you found the solution to your question, and thanks for posting it!
  • Thanks and you're welcome. The camera is working perfectly with me recording it across town. The homeowner has their own login to my SS server, with a narrowed permissions scope for viewing live and archived footage for just their own cam. They love it.

    SS is awesome. Thank you so much.

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