SecuritySpy asks for serial number after freeze / crash
  • Recently had another program freeze. Tried force quitting that program to no avail. Tried relaunching the finder.. no help. Tried restarting the Mac (High Sierra 10.13.6), wouldn't restart because SecuritySpy was running. I tried shutting down SecuritySpy top no avail. Finally forced the computer to shut down by holding the power button in. On restart, SS had no memory of my previous settings. Wanted me to re enter the serial number and owner name and lost all my cameras and settings. To fix this I opened my user Library/Preferences and selected SecuritySpy Preferences v76. (it's Date Modified was after the crash). with that file selected I opened TimeMachine and backtracked to the previous version before the crash and hit restore. SS opened up with no issues and all my cameras were back. I don't know what exactly happened but I don't believe it was SS at fault. Just thought I'd share the fix if anyone else runs into a similar issue.
  • Thanks for sharing, this sounds rather unfortunate, but it's great to hear you had an easy backup. What you are describing sounds like it could be a disk issue - if the drive encounters a serious error and stops responding, you can get multiple applications freezing up, as they wait for the disk. You can also get file corruption (e.g. SecuritySpy attempting to write its settings file but failing, perhaps leaving an empty file). Try running "First Aid" via Disk Utility to see if it comes up with any problems with your drive, and keep an eye out for any drive-related issues (e.g. slowdown, file reading/writing error messages) that may indicate that your drive is failing.

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