Deleted Files?
  • After using Security Spy for about 6 months I have been manually deleting the files not required, however I have just noticed that all files have been automatically deleted, I have 600G free, the settings are not set to delete files, where have they gone???

    I really do need to recover them.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Mark,

    If SecuritySpy is not set to automatically delete files in the Preferences (i.e. both the "Auto-remove" options in the Preferences are not enabled), then SecuritySpy did not delete the files automatically. Might they have been deleted via the Browser feature, or web server, or by some other software?
  • Auto Remove based on age isnt ticked BUT auto remove old files based on disk space was ticked but its set at 20G and I have 600 G free space.

    No other software to delete items, it has left the last weeks files and deleted everything else.
  • What version of SecuritySpy are you using? This is not a known bug, but if you are running an old version you should upgrade to the latest version as we are continuously making improvements and fixing bugs.

    The only thing I can think of is if the "Auto-remove files based on age" option was turned on and then off again by accident perhaps? Is the number of days set for this setting consistent with the age of files that were kept (i.e. around 7 days from your description)?

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