Changing settings from off-site
  • Ben; I'm having issues trying to change settings from off-site. With the fall winds, I need to change the motion sensitivity. I was able to change the % for IP cameras, but when saving the change to the AXIS 240 analog cameras, the webpage shows "connection reset", with no changes kept.

    Also, when accessing captured files remotely, using web browser, the "show list" page returns a list that can be missing several hours of the most recent captures. This is true whether I'm off-site, or at home on my own network using a wi-fi connected computer (I have 3). Example; I review captured files for specific camera at 4pm. The result shows a list from all morning, but stops at 11:37 (random time). Checking the primary MacMini, all photos are saved to the drives, with all in order. But it's something with the S/Spy web server.

    3rd item; when accessing captured files from off-site, the websever will only send the upper 1/3rd of the photo, and then it hangs. I have example I can email (photo taken using my phone of the display result).

    Feature request; I'd like to have a schedule (or apple script ability) to change the sensitivity settings for day/night.

    So Cal.
    Everything is up to date.
  • Hi Chip,

    So, with the camera coming from the Axis video server, you are not able to change any settings via the web server? This is an unusual problem. I think this best way we can debug this, along with the other web server issue you refer to, is if you allow us temporary access to your SecuritySpy web server. I hope this is possible - if so please email us the address and login details so that we can have a look.

    As for the 3rd item you mention, this sounds like an old bug that has been fixed in the latest version of SecuritySpy. I know you said that everything is up to date, but please could you double check this?

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