Browser menu greyed out.
  • Hello, Im running Yosemite on an iMac and needed to save an image from a movie file.
    I open up the browser and select an image or mov file and can't seem to do anything with the image (e.g. Print or save as)
    Is there a setting I'm overlooking?
  • Hi Mike, I've just tested this and can't find any problem yet - are you saying the whole of the Browser menu is greyed out and inaccessible, even with the Browser open in SecuritySpy?
  • Yes, The only options I can select are open browser and browser settings.
  • I fixed it with a force quit and restart!.....
    Thanks for your reply, and I love your software!
  • Hi Mike, that's very strange, we will look into this. Glad to hear you got it working though!

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