Linux / QNAP version of SecuritySpy
  • I'm a huge Mac Fan- almost as much as I am a SecuritySpy fan- and I've always recommended SecuritySpy on a Mac for all sorts of surveillance systems. However, I've really been loving the features of a QNAP system. The fact that QNAPs are fast, expandable, RAID NAS systems, make it a perfect fit for SecuritySpy. QNAP does have its own security software but I'd so much rather use SecuritySpy so how about it... Can you port it over to Linux? Please? :)
  • Glad you like the software!

    SecuritySpy relies heavily on Apple technologies (QuickTime, Core Video, Core Audio, Cocoa, AVFoundation etc.), so porting it to Linux would require a complete re-write on a platform we are not too familiar with. So unfortunately this is not something we are contemplating at the moment, sorry.

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