Loss of Broadcaster camera
  • Up until yesterday Security Spy was working perfectly. I had my built in iMac camera, a Logitech broadcaster camera, and an Q-See IP network camera. Today the broadcaster camera is not listed. I do see the broadcaster camera and video feed on both my iMac and on my iPad via Logitech software so I know it's connected to network and passing data.

    I did upgrade to OS X 10.10 Yosemite since I last saw the broadcaster camera on security spy. I rebooted the router, iMac and broadcaster camera with no change on the iMac. I don't see any updated Security Spy software beyond the version I am using (3.4.2).


    Carl M.
  • Looks like Yosemite is the problem as Skype which under Mavericks saw the broadcaster, no longer lists it as a video source. :(
  • Hi Carl, SecuritySpy is compatible with Yosemite, but it seems like your camera may not be. When searching for driver software via the Logitech web site, it doesn't yet list 10.10 as an option for the OS. So it seems you may have to wait for some updated driver software from Logitech.

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