Enable / Disable Camera via URL/Script
  • Hello, I can't find a http command to enable or disable a camera via the web UI? I would like the ability to enable and disable by iSight camera on-demand. I can do this via the SecuritySpy GUI but would like to create a bookmark that handles this function. Thanks
  • Hi - this is possible do to via HTTP, however it requires a POST request rather than a GET request, so it's not as simple as loading a URL.

    However, it can be made very simple by using an AppleScript, as described by the "Camera Settings Change" example on our AppleScript Examples page.

    The parameters you should put in the "do shell script" command would be 'cameraNum=0&camEnabledCheck=0&action=save' - obviously substituting the correct camera number, as obtained from the "Device Map" window via the Window menu in SecuritySpy.

    If the Mac you need to run the script from is different from the Mac running SecuritySpy, this is no problem: simply substitute the correct address of the SecuritySpy Mac instead of the "" address that is shown in the script example.

    Hope this helps!

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