Disabling Dynamic DNS in SecuritySpy
  • Can anyone tell me when the Dynamic DNS feature in SecuritySpy is active? Specifically, if SecuritySpy is not running, is the Dynamic DNS feature still updating the remote DNS server with the IP address of my network? I ask because my only Internet access comes via satellite, and the service is limited to only 10Gb of data transfer per month. I'd prefer not to waste any of that with traffic that is not really needed, i.e. happening when SecuritySpy is not running. If the Dynamic DNS updates are going out even when the SecuritySpy application isn't running, how do I disable them?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Scot,

    I can confirm that the DDNS updating will only happen while SecuritySpy is actually running on your Mac.

    The data packet that SecuritySpy sends to update the DDNS name with the current IP address is very small (a few hundred bytes only), so even with SecuritySpy running continuously, over a month this will total less than 1 MB, or 0.01 % of your 10 GB monthly allowance.
  • Are you talking here the ______.viewcam.me DNS service that you offer? I have a related question. Why is it that I can view security spy from outside my LAN but not when I'm local to my LAN? I've heard something about NAT reflection or loopback - but I can't find that setting anywhere in my modem/router. Please let me know.


  • Hi Wayne, yes I am specifically referring to our own viewcam.me DDNS service.

    It sounds like you are correct that your router does not support loopback. This is required for an external address (like your xxx.viewcam.me address) to work while you are within your local network. Some routers have an option that allows you to turn on loopback, but others simply don't have this functionality.

    So, while inside your local network (LAN), you will need to connect to SecuritySpy using the LAN IP address that you have assigned to the Mac running SecuritySpy. For example, if the IP address is, then you would connect to SecuritySpy using the URL when you are within your LAN.

    Hope this helps.

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