PTZ on Axis M1025
  • Hi: I'm starting a second system at our new office and I'm thinking of using Axis M1025 cameras ( The description says it has a digital (rather than mechanical) PTZ. My tests so far on one camera do not have this functioning at all. Any suggestions? Perhaps this isn't the best camera to go by (the image is terrific)?

    Please let me know.


  • Hi Wayne,

    SecuritySpy supports only true mechanical PTZ features. Digital PTZ features for this type of camera are not useful, as the image will simply become more pixellated as you zoom in digitally.

    It's a good camera, so go for it if it suits your needs. But if you need a camera with true PTZ features please consult our list of compatible cameras.

    Hope this helps.
  • It does help, Ben. The image quality is great - even under low light. I'm not going to miss the PTZ - just wondered how it might integrate.

    Thanks very much. Look for an order from me once I get the other cameras and get set up.
  • A follow up if I might, Ben. First, I purchased a 2nd copy of SS - thanks for that!

    Question is - why am I getting no sound from this camera? I amusing Quicktime for playback. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Wayne,

    Unfortunately the M1025 does not have audio functionality. Here is Axis' chart that shows which features are supported by which M10-series cameras:


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