Can't see any Wireless Camera now on Security Spy or via Bonjour
  • Out of the blue all 7 wireless cameras stopped working. Only the one hardwired camera works. I've reset my router and can't sort the problem out. Any clue? 4 foscam, 3 axis and 1 linksys.
  • It's a bit difficult to diagnose without further information, but here are a few things to check:

    - Are the cameras actually getting power?

    - Can you locate the cameras on your network? Use our Network Device Finder utility for this.

    - Are you able to connect to any device on your wireless network (e.g. another Mac running screen sharing/file sharing/web sharing etc.)?

    - Do the cameras have static IP addresses on your local network? If not, then their IP addresses may change at any time, which could cause the problem you are seeing. Please follow the advice in the setting up network cameras section of the SecuritySpy Installation Manual, which includes giving your cameras static IP addresses on your local network.

    Hope this helps!

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