Motion Detection Problems
  • I'm having difficulties with Security Spy and motion detection to the point that it's unusable in my application. I have two Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I bullets installed outside. One is on the front corner of my house covering the front door, half of the driveway and the street. The other is on my garage covering my back door, the entire driveway and parking area. In the front, the driveway is about 50' away from the camera, and the street is about 75'. It's important to me to record ALL people walking in the driveway, and I wouldn't mind capturing any people/bicycles/vehicles moving in and on the street/sidewalk.

    I initially used the Synology Surveillance Station prior to this with motion detection being performed by the camera. Setting the motion threshold to 20% in the camera provided the best balance of motion detection while minimizing false positives. All movement in the driveway and even the street was captured. But since I have a flag on the front lawn, I began to look to software solutions for motion detection that would provide masking areas. The SSS does provide motion detection by the software and has masking, but that kept the CPU pegged at about 90-95% on my DS213j, as well as seemingly increasing the buggy nature if the software. I tried Blue Iris on an old i3 PC I had laying around, but that was just as demanding. Not to mention that I'm all Mac now, and don't feel like dealing with the PC upkeep just to run security cameras.

    So, on to the trial of Security Spy on my late 2009 iMac which is just performing iTunes home sharing duties at this point. My intention was to run SS on a Mac Mini, and I'm holding off purchasing one at this point hoping they get an update this fall. Then I could get a new one, or new old stock at a discount. So the demo was a great opportunity to try before I buy.

    But after three days, I just can't seem to get the motion detection set correctly. I initially tried 50% with 2 second movement as the trigger. During the day that provided great recordings of moving cars on the street and waving flags, yet it would not capture people walking in the driveway, or the kids playing basketball at the end of the driveway (about 75' away). I masked the flag, set the sensitivity to 60% and 1s and was able to capture movement in the drive, cars on the street, but not and people walking on the street/sidewalk. To get the kids playing basketball I had to go to 70%. Needless to say, you can imagine what this did when the wind began to blow the leaves and bushes, not to mention it recorded almost continually overnight. Many other tweaks were applied to sensitivity and trigger timing over the next day or so, but none seemed to help.

    At this point I'm back to the SSS and on-camera motion detection but am open to suggestions. I'm also wondering how close you are to having different settings for day and night?
  • Hi, it would be really useful if you could post here (or email to us images from the cameras so that we can get an idea of what might be the best settings for your situation. In SecuritySpy if you right-click a camera in any video window and select the "Save image as JPEG" option and email these to us.

    A flag flying in the wind is bound to generate false positives, especially when it's sunny and windy. You can mask out the flag but the shadow of the flag moves over the course of the day, so that's very difficult to mask out. Any software would have problems with this. SecuritySpy's motion detection is pretty good in most situations, but it's also designed to be efficient and use a low amount of the computer's CPU, so there is a balance here.

    Also, 50' is quite a long way away and people moving at this distance are likely to be very small in the frame. So this is not idea either.

    If you can send the images we will be able to advise you further.
  • IMHO outside cameras with motion detection is always a challenge (bugs/wind/sun-shade/etc), my suggestion is to use motion detection inside and use scripts on mac with SS to trigger outside cams when inside cameras are triggered, catch outside images with Pre Capture setting or as the perps leave with post capture setings when needed. save yourself from the headache of tweaking outside motion detection!
  • I am coming from the software go1984 but I am leaving it as I leave the PC for good. Go1984 is somewhat better than Security spy for outside motion detection. I how no idea on how this is done but it has a slider for how coarsely a motion should be detected. Leaves in motion from a tree do not make the system alert. There could be some experimentation with too many pixels changing like light change of cars driving by.
    I think Security spy could manage outdoor motion sensing quite well with some tricks.
  • Hi @roads - it sounds like that other software allows you to adjust the motion detection to the size of objects, so it would trigger for a larger object (person) but not a smaller one (leaf). It's a good idea and one of the things we will be looking at to improve SecuritySpy's motion detection.
  • Hi everyone, we have been working on the motion detection algorithm, please see this forum post if you would like to participate in testing.

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