Captured footge not in 'Browser'
  • Hi

    I have the evaluation copy and have been running it for two days. I changed an action on MD, and since, the Browser doesn't show the captured files, even though they are on the HD. I've reset the folder location, and renamed the cams and done everything I can think of that would reset the capture settings.

    I'm on MAC OSX 10.7.5 running 3.3

  • Hi,

    This isn't a known problem. Firstly, please try accessing the files via SecuritySpy's built-in web server. Simply enable the web server, open a web browser (Safari or Chrome) and load http://localhost:8000/

    If the files aren't available via the web server then no files are being recorded - check your capture settings and make sure the camera in question is in Active mode.

    If you can see the files via the web server, but they aren't showing in the Browser, then please try each of the following to see if any of these steps fixes it: 1. open and close the Browser, 2. quit and re-opening SecuritySpy, 3. restart the computer.

    If none of the above helps, please email us and include screenshots demonstrating the problem (press cmd-shift-4 and select the area to capture - a file called "Screen shot" will appear on your desktop).

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks

    I completed 1 and 2, but still no files. The files were there and being recorded as when I quite SecuritySpy, I could view them in an external viewer.

    Looking at the browser, the files are there again. I'll keep my eye on it. Thanks for your response.

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