404 File not found Error code: 50,0
  • Hello,
    I am new to this forum and am having problems with my Security Spy version 1.5.1. When I access my cameras either in my lan or wan, I get the authentication request and then as soon as I enter my username/pass, I get the 404 File not found error code: 50,0 message. Can anyone tell me what this error code means? Also wondering if I need to update my version of Security Spy and if there is a cost involved in the upgrade?

  • Hi - version 1.5.1 is a very old version of SecuritySpy and unfortunately its web server is not compatible with new system versions (OS X 10.7 is the highest system version supported by SecuritySpy version 1). In order to use SecuritySpy on newer system versions please upgrade to version 3 via our upgrade store. As an existing version 1 license-holder you get a 50% discount off the full retail price of the software.

    You can download and test the new software before upgrading if you like, or read more information about the upgrade.

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