RemoteSight crashing
  • Hi,

    I've recently started running RemoteSight on a Mac Pro with Mavericks. The computer runs an 8 headed display system and has worked flawlessly for years. After installing RemoteSight the computer unexplainably (to me) and unpredictably goes to sleep. Upon awakening, the camera is non-responsive. If the computer doesn't go to sleep, the camera will go unresponsive. Plugging/unplugging the USP cable for the Logitech C920 brings everything up again. Any ideas how to make this run stably?

  • Hi Paul, there's nothing that RemoteSight does directly that could cause a system sleep, so I'm not sure what could be causing this problem, apart from the general sleep settings in the Energy Saver system preference. So if you don't want the computer to automatically go to sleep, make sure you have set this.

    The culprit here is probably going to be the Logitech driver software. The first thing to do is make sure you have the latest Logitech driver software installed. Unfortunately the C920 doesn't appear to be a "UVC" camera, so it can't be used with the built-in OS X driver software.

    If the latest Logitech driver software doesn't resolve the problem, I would advise you get a different camera - one that is UVC compliant so that it is plug-and-play without installing any third-party driver software.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Ben, I swapped out the C920 for an older UVC certified Logitech camera. The C920 appears to have been the problem. I'd never have suspected USB cameras weren't entirely vanilla these days. Thanks for the advice. ~Paul
  • Hi Paul, thanks for reporting back, that's great to hear. Yes it's a mystery why any manufacturer would not use the well-established UVC standard for any new USB webcam. Maybe they have a reason but I don't know of a good one!

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