Diagnosing connection problem with Remote Patrol
  • Hi!

    I'm using SecuritySpy on our internal network, and it's working great. I'm trying to get Remote Patrol working (also from within our network) on an iPhone 4S running iOS 7 and having trouble. The error I'm getting is 'Unable Connect With '… and correct network details.

    I can access the web console from the phone and it works just fine (connecting on port 8000). When I add the SecuritySpy server in Remote Patrol, the phone queries the server and correctly displays the server version # (3.3) and the number of cameras. The SecuritySpy web log shows a successful request to ++SystemInfo. When tap on the server and get the Unable Connect error, there is no entry in the SecuritySpy web log.

    Are there any known bugs with Remote Patrol 2.11 and SecuritySpy 3.3?
  • Aha! I made some progress. My phone was on a different local subnet, and even though the web interface works fine, it looks like Remote Patrol doesn't like it. Switching the phone to be on the same subnet as the SecuritySpy server did the trick. I'll post more if I learn why it's a problem.

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