Reduction in file size
  • Hello,

    This may be something or nothing but as of approx Friday, the file size of my recording seems to have reduced by 50% or so. I've made no changes to settings or (as far as I know) installed an update. There's no noticeable reduction in quality to my untrained eye, is this anything I should be concerned about?

    Thanks, Micheal
  • Hi Micheal - this is nothing in particular to worry about and could be due to a few different things such as lighting, frame rate, amount of motion etc. If you don't see any obvious differences in image quality it's probably just some variation due to some factors like these.
  • Great, thanks Ben - File sizes back to normal now, guess you're right!

    Great product btw - I first installed cameras when I'd been burgled, when I looked at the (windows) products on the market, I thought I was being robbed twice. So while I had to buy a used mac mini to support this, still great value. Cheers, Micheal

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